Turnin '18

My Blog have been messed with spider webs since a few months ago coz I didn't have any intention on blogging even when I am connected to the internet.

Born on the 29th of December 1991 to my parents, Abd Rahim Hashim and Marzianah Othman. and today, I turned 18. (I'm old now "lol").

Nothing special happened last night except a few friends wo send me messages wishing me Happy Birthday (Thanks guys) And actually there's one person who did send a Birthday Card to me and that person is Piravin. He's been one of my best friend in KTT.
I could only say thanks to u guys for doing that.

For the past 18 years many wonderful events happened in my life. I was born at Hospital Tangkak, Johor on the 29th of December 1991. I was grown up in the Kuarters Guru SMK Ledang for about 5 years before moving to my beloved resident in Tangkak Jaya. My kindergarten was Tadika KEMAS Jln. Sialang. i studied there in 1997. My kindergarten session was very colourful but I didn't perform well in my kindergarten studies. The next year 1998, was quite a surprising one because I was ranked at 11th place in the class during the Mid-Year Examination but in the end of the year, I ranked at the 1st place. My mom said I was quite playful at that time so my performance before the end of the year exam wasn't as good as others.

And on the same year as Tiara mentioned, I got a big "benjol" on the right forehead coz I was tripped by the drain beside my classroom during recess time. I mistakenly point my finger towards Adam coz he's there during the time. I'm so sorry for that Adam, I hope you don't mind coz as I grow up, i realised that was my own mistake. I hope u can forgive me for that.

In Standard 2, my performance went down coz I can't really remember the "Sifir" properly. And at the same year, I got a 5 stitches on my forehead when I tripped while riding a bicycle.

My performance fluctuated until the end of my primary school education. Up and down. But I did scored well in my UPSR 2003 the same as Tiara. As she mentioned I was quite active in "Bercerita Kisah Nabi" since I was in Standard 4. I got my place to the District level for every year but the most exciting part was the State level which I only achieved during Standard 6. My Stories includes Nabi Musa & Firaun, Qarun, Kegigihan Nabi Muhammad Menyebarkan Islam and many more, but that's the main one. I can't really remember all coz in Standard 6, I need to memorise 3 stories. I have my family supporting me in whatever I did in my primary school time. Thanks mama and abah!

In 2004, I entered a different world of education which is my Secondary School Education. My School was SMK Tun Mamat, Tangkak. Nothing special happened during Form 1 and Form 2. But when I'm in Form 3, I scored 9As in my PMR 2006. I'm so thankful on the result day coz the Bahasa Arab Komunikasi Paper was quite hard compared to others. I'm so happy on that day until something happened. I received a phone call from my school administrator telling me that I'm selected as "Pelajar Cemerlang PMR Peringkat Negeri Johor 2006". I was clueless at that time coz it's already night at that time and we need to rush to Johor Bahru the next morning.
Anyway that ends my Lower Secondary Education.

In 2007 I was offered to pursue my studies at SASER. I rejected it at first. But an event occur, where I was publicly humiliated by one of my school administrators. I want to accept the offer but some teachers asked me to stay, and yet I stayed there. Whatever I do, I still have a lot of other teachers supporting me from the back coz they know who I am. (Terima Kasih Cikgu!).
I was sort of depressed during that year causing my Form 4 exam results to crash down the hill. And I failed my Add Maths Papers too.

In 2008, I came back with a big hope to prove that I can improve my exam result. I simply ignore the past. And at the same time, Tiara, my best friend since Standard 1 to Form 3 entered my class from her KAA class. I'm glad that she actually take my advice for real. I asked her that there's no point of taking those Islamic Studies subjects if your core subjects crashed down the hill. Her performance improved when she changed class. She sat beside me in class and her mom is teaching us English and she's OK with that. She learnt that we are best friends. I sat for my SPM 2008 and during that time I rarely meet her.

My best friend, Tiara and I.

After SPM 2008, I sleep most of the time. But there's one day we hanged out watching Inkheart together before the end of the year. As I remember that was on the 29th of December 2008.
The next year, I worked at the Koperasi Sekolah for about 2 and a half months. It's really tiring but the $ was awesome. I would like to thank Puan Haslina for giving me the job. At the same time Tiara was working at the canteen which is beside the Koperasi. I frequently spent time eating breakfast there. But it's not really breakfast lol. It's breakfast + lunch. In the evening after working, I hanged out with her sharing gossips that we know about the teachers (lol, i'm bitchy). The routine went on until the result day.

The SPM 2008 result came out. And I scored 10 1As. It's quite surprising for me coz the papers were quite hard for me. Alhamdulillah. I would like to thank my parents, all the teachers and friends for supporting me throughout my schooling age.

And now, I'm currently doing my A-Level in Kolej Teknologi Timur, Sepang. I finished my Advanced Subsidiary Level and the result will come out on the 25th of January 2010. Advanced Secondary Level was tougher than what I expected. I realised that I need to strive harder for this level. However, I'm so thankful for having such a kind, caring and supportive lecturer like Miss Ila. (Thanks Miss!, you r so damn sporting)

My A-Level Indonesia bound colleagues in Kolej Teknologi Timur, Sepang and
my beloved lecturer Miss Ila.

Today I turned 18, and these are the things that happenned to me for the past 18 years. And I'm thankful because these experiences taught me about friendship, faith in facing difficulties, and determination. I would like to thank everyone who are involved with my life for the past 18 years even though some of them are not mentioned here. The persons that I would like to thank the most are my parents, my beloved siblings, and my best friend, Tiara. I hope that Allah will lead us to the path of brighter future.

Thanks for reading guys.

Duration vs Examination

As u know, I'm in one year A-Level programme in Kolej Teknologi Timur, Sepang. For sure u can derive the "One Year" term.

Supposedly it should means :

1 year = 2 semesters = 12 months

But it turned out to be like this

1 year = 1 semester = 6 months

Quite weird huh?

But seriously this is really happening to me and my friends in ALL 1.

In deep calculations we will only be studying 3 months before the real Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Exam.

The seniors results are freaking me out. They are from 1 1/2 year programme but still didn't manage to get "A" for every subject eventhough they take only 3 subjects.


But deep in my heart, I still have a faith that my friends and I will always be supportive to each other in all possible ways.

Life Goes On in KTT

I'm already in KTT. Daily routines are as usual but now for sure I have more things that I have to do myself such as laundries, ironing clothes, buying food items, and tidy up the whole apartment.

Before I arrived at KTT, my heart says "KTT must be a horrible place to live in!". NO, that's not true. Actually, after being here for some days, I kinda like it. It's a peaceful college with friendly people. The apartment isn't so bad as what I've imagined before. It's good but not better (you get what i mean?)

Orientation week was superb. The seniors are quite helpful especially when it comes to performance practices. Group 4, GTI rocks! Initially group 4 was quite passive, but after the exciting telematch event, the group become quite induced to do more during performance training. Eventhough we didn't win the performance competition, the experience i gained was priceless. Actually, I have no idea why they select me as the group leader (maybe coz i talked a lot during the group sessions). Anyway, I love u (Group 4 members) as u have put much effort during the performance. Thank u guys.

Group 4 telematch session

Miss Narrator, Ida and Princess Choreographer, Farah.

Group 4, GTI before performance

The most active senior that I found in KTT is of course none other that our cute Kak Ashkurina.

And the most generous person I've ever met is Kak Farah Syakira. She's very friendly and we have a lot of common interests.

That's all. I hope life's going to get better and better in KTT.

Soundtrack for this episode : Vertigo by Jordin Sparks

My Sony Ericsson Family

Haha, i've just realised everybody in my family have changed their phones to Sony Ericsson. Goodbye Nokia!! Sony Ericsson Rules!!

Confessions of a quick shopper

After accompanying my mom to send her district PEKA asessment report at PPD Muar, I went to Wetex Parade Muar to do some quick shopping. I bought a pair of sport shoes (mainly for orientation week lol!), 3 collared t-shirts, 1 track bottom and not to forget 3 pairs of socks. And the best thing is, I got my Big Mac earlier than original plan. (See my post before). At least I ate it before I enter KTT.

Leaving for KTT

Next Monday, I'll proceed to the biggest step in my life. It's time for me to become more independent. I know I'm quite close with my mom, but that doesn't mean I cannot become independent. I'll go to Kolej Teknologi Timur, Sepang to proceed with my A levels for 1 year. Some say it's quite tough, but I have decided to take this path.

My checklist before I leave for KTT :

1. Borang Perjanjian + Lampiran [Completed]

2. Medical Checkup [Completed]
3. Eat Pizza Hut Mediterranean Pizza [Completed]

4. Eat Large KFC Potato Wedges [Completed]
5. Open CIMB bank account [Completed]

6. Eat Big Mac @ McDonald's [I'll ask for it on registration day][got it earlier on Friday]
7. Install Windows 7 RTM [This is not possible, it will be RTM'ed on July 13th]

8. Pack-Up Stuffs [Let's do it on Sunday, i bet i'll be more energetic on that day]

Soundtrack for this episode : Leaked unreleased song from Nicole Scherzinger.

Boom Boom Pow!!!

Sekarang dah berhenti keje koop, asyik tido saje.
Nak main tenet, tenet slow gile, page local jek laju yg europe sume slow. Tu yg x post lme tu. Smlm amik hadiah. Ingatkn dpt sesuatu yg bermakne, clear holder jek. Bg lps interview plak tu, org bg la sblum interview.

B'ckp pasal inteview jpa. Aku macam kantoi gler. Dia tanye "How to Improve the Quality of Service in Government Hospitals?". Aku jwp, msti ada communication yg baik antara medical staffs, even a slight miscomm bley lead to death of the patient, pas tu aku jwb extend jpa scholar pnyer contract, sbb rmai yg berangan2 nk keje kt private hospital lps abis contract 10 tahun. Kalau 15 thun mungkin deorang lebey tumpu pada tugas, sbb lme lg bley kje kt pvt hospital. Interview rtu asyik kna condemned jek. Sbb tu tjuk post ni Boom Boom Pow. Deorang Boom Boom aku, aku kasi Pow same deorang. Tp x tau la menjadi ke x. Nak tau jadi ke x, kta tggu la result interview.

Lagi satu, aku skrg tgh la tsgt2 boring duduk rumah. Nak dload Windows 7 build 7077, speed tenet x mengizinkan, jd aku tersangkut la dgn build 6956 yang dah berumur 4 bulan lebey. Aku download ujung tahun lepas x silap aku. Smlm ajak Tiara ngn Mamat nak tgk wayang. Tp tgh2 malam cek showtime schedule cancel la plan kitorang sbb movie tu tayang pkul 4, x de yg kul 12 or 2 nyer. Sbnrnye nak gi tgk Confessions of A Shopaholic. Nasib x baik, berkali2 tgguh sampai cancel plan jek la.

Week before interview tu, kna gi attachment doctor. Mmg menyayat hati, sbb sebesar2 Hospital Jasin tu, doktor dia ada 5-6 orang jek. Sume sibuk, kitorang lepak kat A&E jek la. Dr. Rahman la doktor yg paling rapat ngn kitorang. Bnyk pengalaman ditimba kt situ. Aku tgk bdk perempuan india umur 7 thun struggle from death. Tp akhirnya mati jgk kat hospital melaka. Dia kna langgar ngn motor kot, sebab kesan tyr kt kaki dia macam tyr motor, menyebabkan sternumnya patah dh lungsnya terhimpit. Jdnye untuk memastikan dia bley breathe, doktor wat tubing procedure. Doktor tu blh dada kanan dia pastu masukkan tiub dalam lungs dia. Pas tu cek3, dia nye vagina burst. Mle2, doktor diagnose as non-accidental injury, sbb ingat dia ni mangsa sexual abuse. Tp smpai kt forensik melaka, deorang ckp accident. Rpenye ble kena langgar ngn motor tu impact ngn pressure nye besar menyebabkan dia nye vagina burst. Pnglaman berharga wat aku ngn Chee Yong, tp kesian kat budak tu.

Skrg back to present time, keboringan semakin bertambah, malas nak buat ape2. Rsenye nak wat ape ppn x tau. Berat badan langsung x btmbh. Makan banyak, tido pun bnyk. Tp berat badan x bertambah. Kejelesan aku terhadap org yg berisi smkin btmbh. Aku tau aku ni keding semacam. Kalau ckp aku bdk Form 3 pn orang percaye. Muke cam kanak2. Prgai pun x matang. X kesah la org ckp ape kat aku jnji aku gmbira ngn Lady GaGa aku.

Tu jek babai...